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Driver Installation Issue SR2USB01

After installing driver for SR2USB01, unable to connect to USB cord.

Product Line:
Smart Relays - GIC Product

US Product

Product Change

In late 2017, a change was made to the USB cord used to connect to the SR2 and SR3 smart relays.  With this new change, a new driver was released as well.  Typically connection issues are from using the old driver with the new USB cord.  Installing the new driver will solve the issue. 

A driver to be used with the new cable is downloadable on (search: DriverSR2USB01_H2) and will be supplied with the V5.1 version of Zelio Soft 2. Direct link to the driver :

The new driver is compatible with Windows ®7, 8.1 and 10 (improvement of transfer time under Windows ®10 compared to existing cable).
The new driver has been validated with Zelio Soft V4.6, V5.0 and V5.1
It is possible to use alternatively both version of cables on the same PC, both drivers must be installed.

To verify the issue, check the marking on the cable itself.  New USB cables will be marked H 2.0 next to the SR2 USB01 part number.
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