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What are the repair parts for a CH366DS Series E6(or E06) Heavy Duty Safety Switch?

Design repair parts
Product Line:
Canadian Heavy Duty Safety Switches
Repair parts
The parts listed here are the only field replaceable parts.

Line base assembly - 4055270351 (3-required and arc suppressor assembly is included)
Load base assembly - 4055270550 (3-required)
Arc suppressor assembly - 4051270850 (3-required)
Lug assembly - 4405044601 (2 required PER base assembly)
Line base phase insulator - 4051201401 (2 required)
Load base phase insulator - 4055219101 (1 required)
Line & load base mounting screws - 4020600901 (2 required PER base assembly)
Handle assembly - 4051219151
Handle Gasket - 4051126101
Handle mounting screws and washers - 2140122242(screw 2-required) and 2370100220(washer 2-required)

Door thumb retainer - 4405043301( 2 required per switch)
Door thumb screw - S1A99898 (2 required per switch)
Handle knob kit - 4028343550 (the black & red knob at the end of the handle)
Dust Shield - 4055215701 (this piece Flat, Red in color and approximately 1.16" wide by 16.10" long)
Cross bar insulator - 4055217701 (this piece is Red in color, circular in shape and approximately 4.19" long by 2.5" wide by  2.0" tall)
Cross bar insulator - 4052217801 (this piece is Red in color, circular in shape and approximately 8.85" long by 1.46" wide by 1.5" tall) 
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