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Calling LoadDataValue method from ST program


The example below is intended to demonstrate one or more features or methods and is presented as a configuration example only. Schneider Electric assumes no liability for the use or application of this example or any portion thereof.

Below an example of Structured Text program that triggers the "LoadDataValue" method from a point:

PROGRAM LoadDataValueExample
(* First declare the method associated to the point you will load data to *)
loadValue AT %M(.A2.Historic.LoadDataValue) : BYTE, DINT, DATE_AND_TIME, LREAL;
(* variable declaration, in this example, local *)
    Reason : BYTE;
    Quality : DINT;
    TimeStamp : DATE_AND_TIME;
    Value : LREAL;
(* setting the values (in a real program, the values will come from other sources, like SQL or user inputs *)
    Reason := 0;
    Quality := 192;
    TimeStamp := NOW(); (*remember that time must be in UTC *)
    Value := 5.9;
(* trigger the method *)    
    loadValue(Reason, Quality, TimeStamp, Value);
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