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What are the product time lines of availability for NQO / NQOB / NQOD / NEHB/ NF panelboards

When were SQ D panelboards made and when did they become obsolete 

Product Line:
 NQO / NQOB / NQOD / NEHB/ NF panelboards




The NQO and NQOB Panels were developed for Lighting loads /Commercial /Industrial . 3 phase with plug on and Industrial Bolt On Q1/Q1B breaker interior features . NQO/NQOB was developed in late 1960’s till obsolescence in 1987.

The NQOD Panels were designed for bolt on and plug on QO/QOB breakers and was sold starting in 1987. It was obsoleted and replaced by the NQ panelboard in 2008.

The NEHB Panels were used for mainly 480Y/277V distribution, using EH/EHB Plug on and bolt on breakers. It was manufactured  between 1983-1995.

The NF Series 0 Panelboard with ED EDB breakers was first introduced in 1995 to Oct. 2008 , afterwhich time the Series E1 started with the introduction of the NQ panelboards as well  .

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