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On a system without an IFE or IFM, will an ERMS switch still work?

The ERMS switch is not working correctly

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Molded Case Circuit Breakers 

ERMS (Energy Reduction Maintenance Switch) System Without IFE/IFM

The inputs on the I/O module show the change, but the outputs do not, and the switch doesn't come on and the trip unit does not go into ERMS mode


Yes, it can work on a system without an IFE or IFM. However, when there is no IFE or IFM in the system, the Remote Access parameters on the trip unit must be set correctly. The Access Permit must be set to yes, and the Access code must be set to 0000. To change these, the trip unit door that covers the adjustment dials must be open. To change them, you would hit the wrench button on the trip unit, arrow down to Com setup, hit the enter button, arrow down to Remote access, hit the enter button, and then highlight Access Permit, hit enter, and hit an arrow button to change it to YES, then hit the enter button. Default, the Access code would be 0000 already, but if it has been changed, you would then arrow down to highlight it, hit enter, then go through each number and arrow it to 0, then hit enter, and hit the wrench button again to back out of the menu, and select yes to save the settings.
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