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Video: What is the purpose of the SA10BL bus link kit for the Speed D style Switchboards?

Can you convert a Speed D Switchboard from a Meter Main to a Main only with no metering or remote metering?

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Speed D Switchboard


The SA10BL bus link kit is used to connect the bussing, where a meter would normally be placed by the local utility. We already have a buslink installed in the C phase so you only require
1 kit for 400A Speed D boards, and 2 kits for 600A and 800A Switchboards. Switchboards that require 2 kits per phase are assembled in series to complete the current path.
This option is nice when there are no utility requirements, you have a remote meter application, or just want a main only or a  main and distribution.

The following video demonstrates how the SA10BL fits within a Speed-D switchboard:

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