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How to troubleshoot code 0001 Device A+ on a PV45 unit?

Unit is displaying 0x0001 Device Fault A

Product Line:
PV45, PV30

Applications that use PV45 or PV30 units

Both over current and over temperature condition can cause IPM device faults. Over current is denoted by the
message “I Device Fault xx” while over temperature is denoted by the message “T Device Fault xx”.  The fault code for both
conditions is the same for each device, while there is a unique fault code for each device.
Possible causes for over current condition:
  1. Short circuit in output AC line.
    1. Visually inspect to see if there are any signs of damage or shorts in the AC side of the unit
  2. Low supply voltage to IPM control circuit.
    1. Shorted isolation transformer.
Possible causes for over temperature condition:
  1. External cooling fan inoperable.
  2. Airflow on heatsink impeded due to accumulation of debris.
  3. Operation above rated ambient temperature for an extended period of time.
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