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What is the lug wire range for all 60A Heavy Duty Safety Switches?

What is the terminal data for 60 Amp heavy duty disconnects?

Product Line:
Heavy Duty Safety Switches 

Disconnect terminal data that applies to H362, H322N H222N, H222NRB H322NRB H362N H362NRB  H362RB H362WA H362WC H362WH H60XFA H222A H222AWK H222DS H322DS H322A H322AWK H362AWA H362AWC H362AWK H362A H362DS H362DSWA H362DSWC H362DF H362DX H362SS HU362DF HU362DX HU32SS HU462 HU362AWA HU362AWC HU362AWH HU362AWK HU362A HU462AWK HU462DS HU662DS HU662AWK
H462AWK H462DS HU362 HU362RB HU362DS HU462 

The standard wire range is (1) #12 - #3 (Al) or (1) #14 - #3 (Cu)

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