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How to trouble shoot 0804 door interlock on XC\XCNA?

The inverter faulted on door interlock and cannot clear the fault.
Product Line:
Loose connection, defective switch

Make sure you performed a complete LOTO and verify that there is zero potential energy inside the inverter. Do continuity check across S1 (AC door, door 1), S2\S3 at the door 2 and 3 and S4 which is at door 4\DC door. Check the filter switch S8 for continuity. Do the same for S5 (AC) and S9 (DC), which located at the back of the inverter (first and last position). Sometime these switches might get stuck so press it in a few times to loosen it up. If they all checked out fine and still the error remained, then call 866-519-1470 for further assistance.
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