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What is the ceiling mount bracket for EX transformers in a 18K or 20K enclosure style?

What is the hardware to mount EX30T3HNLP and EX45T3HNLP to the ceiling? 
What is the mounting bracket for attaching EX30T3HNLP or EX45T3HNLP to the ceiling?

Product Line:

Applies to catalog numbers EX30T3H, EX45T3H, EX75T3H, EX30T65H, EX45T65H, EX75T65H, EX30T211H, EX45T211H, EX75T211H, EX30T239H, EX45T239H, EX75T239H, EX30AT3HCU, EX45t3HCU, EX75T3HCU, EX30T212H, EX45T212H, EX75T212H, EX30T1814H EX45T1814H EX74T212H EX30T6HCT EX45TEHCT EX75T6HCT EX15T3HB EX30T3HB EX45T3HB EX30T3HBCU EX45T3HBCU EX15T3HBCU EX15T3HF EX30T3HF EX30T3HFCU EX45T3HF EX45T3HFCU EX15T3hFCU EX15T3HNLP EX30T3HNLP  EX45T3HNLP EX15T3HCUNLP EX30T3HCUNLP EX75T3HCUNLP EX30T208HNP EX45T208HNP EX15T208HCUNP EX30T208HCUNP EX45T208HCUNP EX30T255HNP EX45T255HNP 

The ceiling mounting bracket for low voltage transformers in a type 18K and 20K enclosures is 7400CMB18K20K.

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