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How to troubleshoot fault 0078 “24V Aux Power” on XC\XCNA?

The inverter has possibly lost the 24v power.
Product Line:
Loose connection or defective component

First, perform LOTO to make sure all energy in the inverter is zero. Check for loose wiring or connection to G2 (24vdc POWER SUPPLY), QF3, XT2 and XT3 connector.
Check for continuity between QF3:1 to XT2:6 and QF3:3 to XT2:9
Check for continuity between G2:L to XT2:35 and G2:N to XT2:36.
If all checked out okay, then closed all door and turn the AC power back on and see if the fault cleared. If not, call 866-519-1470 option 3 & 3 for further assistance.
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