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Overload Compatibility with Everlink Terminal Contactors

The overload selected for use with the contactor will not mount or fit correctly.  Typically either the contactor or overload has Everlink connections and the other does not.

Product Line:
IEC Contactors - GIC Product

US Product

Product Compatibility

The LC1D Contactors with Everlink terminations are only suitable for use with the overloads which also have Everlink connectors.  These contactors are signified by the letter A in their part number; LC1D40A, LC1D50A, and LC1D65A.  The only overloads which can be mounted directly to these units are the LRD313 through LRD365, the LR3D313 through LR3D365, and the LRD313L through LRD365L overloads.  Any other overloads will not have the correct Everlink connectors and will not be able to mount directly to these contactors.
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