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Can I display my motor speed in RPM on my ATV320 drive?

I want to display my motor speed in RPM on my ATV320 drive.

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ATV320 series drives.

All models, All serial numbers.

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The ATV320 drive can not directly display the RPM of the motor, but we can use a custom configuration to display a number that is very close to the true motor RPM:

The drive normally displays motor speed in Hz.  In order to convert this to RPM we much enter a custom multipler.   You will need your motor nameplate information for this.

Take the actual RPM of the motor, as listed on the motor nameplate and divide that by the base Hz. of the motor.  An 1800RPM motor wont be exactly 1800, there will be a number such as 1750 or 1760 listed as the RPM.  Divide this number by the base frequency of the motor, usually 60.0Hz. to yield a multiplier of 29.3 for a 1760 motor, or 29.16 for a 1750 RPM motor.

Program parameter SDS (Scale Factor Display) under the DRC menu to this value. 

Note that if you are using the keypad of the drive to adjust the motor sped (FR1 or FR2 set to A1U1) you will only be able to show the speed reference on the display, you can not switchh to display any other value in the drive while using the keypad to adjust speed.

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