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Why is my Conext CL inverter going into a derate mode?

Conext CL going into derate mode. The unit is displaying "ONL DRT."

Product Line:
Conext CL

Any Conext CL installation

The most likely causes of derating in a North American CL are:
1) Grid voltage too high. The unit will derate if the grid voltage exceeds 295VAC L-N.
2) PV voltage too high. The unit will derate if PV is above 850VDC.
3) Temperature too high. The unit will derate if temperature exceeds a set limit.

Check each of these values to ensure they are within proper limits. If your Conext CL's firmware is later than 2.6.4, then pushing your data logs to USB will also be helpful in determining this.

Reasons for derating not sufficiently explained in product documentation
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