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How do you interpret the LED status lights on the HEPD80?

How do the HEPD80 LED's work ?

Product Line:

Home Electronics Protective Device (HEPD80)

Product features

There are two LEDs on the HEDP80 that will illuminate. These LEDs are located on the front of the device along with the note regarding the Status of the LEDs. When both LEDs are green, the surge protector is operating and OK. If one or both of the LEDs are dark or not illuminated, it indicates the device is not operating and will need to be replaced.
***NOTE*** The LEDs are recessed enough, that it could appear they are not illuminated, especially during daylight hours when outside or in a bright room. If you cup your hands around the LED area or wait for darkness etc... you will then be able to clearly see if the LEDs are lit.
Please see the attachment below for the operating status indicators or LEDs.
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