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Thermal trip curve for GV2 Starters

How accurate is the thermal trip curve given for the GV2ME/GV2P?

Product Line:
IEC Manual Motor Starters/Protectors- GIC Product

US Product

Product Specifications

The IEC standard defines 2 different point for thermal overload protection.
The first point is when current is equal to 1.2 time Ir ( Ir =current setting ).  At this point the GV2 should trip within 2 hours.
The second point is when current is equal to 7.2 times Ir.  At this point the GV2 must trip within class definition of the product. GV2 are class 10 products so the tripping time at 7.2 times Ir is at or bellow 10 seconds.
The rest of the curve is an approximation based on average or typical behavior.
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