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Connecting an EGX150 to a serial RS485

The Serial port for the EGX150 uses an RJ45 connector, which is different from the standard RS-485 connector.

Product Line
Link150, EGX150

EGX150 serial connections

The EGX150 does not use the standard RS-485 connector. 

Pin Number Colour Signal name Description
1 Orange/White striped Rx- Receive Data -
2 Orange Rx+ Receive Data +
3   NC No Connection
4 Blue Tx+ Transmit Data +
5 Blue/white striped Tx- Transmit Data -
6   NC No Connection
7   NC No connection
8   GND Ground

Connect, using a straight through RJ45 cable to the RS-485 port on your EGX150.
Cut the other end (that is to be connected to your slave device) to expose the wires.

2-Wire RS-485 connection:
Use the Blue wire as the positive (+) and the Blue/White striped wire as the negative (-)

4-Wire RS-485 connection:
RJ45 Pin Number  Master Slave
1 Rx- Tx-
2 Rx+ Tx+
4 Tx+ Rx+
5 Tx- Rx-

Kindly refer to the EGX150 User Guide for details on how to wire the RS-485 port.
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