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TeSys T product selection

What communication protocols does the TeSys T utilize? 

Product Line:
TeSys T Motor Management Controller

TeSys T

Product Selection

The LTMR is a TeSys T overload relay, the LTMCU is the HMI / programmer for the device, and the LTMEV is an expansion module to add power and voltage monitoring to the TeSys T overload relay. 

On the LTMR part numbers the numbers after LTMR indicate the amp size of the device (IE LTMR08 has a maximum amperage of 8), then the next letter indicates the industrial communication protocol (E would indicate ethernet, M modbus, etc), and the last two characters indicate your control voltage (BD for 24VDC and FM for 110-240VAC). 

The LTMCU is the standard HMI, and the LTMCUF is the HMI plus Fast default replacement. 

The LTMEV40 is always the same except the last two characters (BD or FM) indicate the voltage that will power the inputs of the expansion module. 

The attached table lists the main LTMR controller part numbers, and the link below contains more information on the devices: 

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