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Video: What is the difference in a GFI breaker, a CAFI breaker, and a DF breaker?

What is the difference in the breakers with yellow, white, and purple test buttons?

Product Line:
Circuit Breakers

Applies to QO, QOB and HOM breakers with suffix GFI, CAFI, DF

All QO, QOB and HOM circuit breakers provide standard overload and short circuit protection, which helps to protect circuit wiring from heat damage caused by too much electricity flowing in the wire (UL489). Breakers with suffix GFI, CAFI and DF include this protection, plus have additional protection as explained below.

GFI breakers include 5ma ground fault protection, which helps to protect people from being seriously injured if electricity should flow through their body to ground (UL943 Class A GFCI).
GFI breakers have a yellow test button.

CAFI breakers include the combination of both parallel and series arc fault protection, which helps to protect against fire hazards caused by arcing in damaged electrical wiring (UL1699 Combination AFCI).
CAFI breakers have a white test button.

DF breakers include the dual protection of both of the above, GFI + CAFI, in one device.
DF breakers have a purple test button.

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