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What are the suggested replacements for the LX and LXI circuit breakers?

What are the closest crosses for the legacy LXL and LXIL molded case breakers?

Product line:  
Molded case circuit breakers

Legacy style LX, LXL, LXI and LXIL molded case breakers

In general, the Powerpact LJ breaker is the best cross for the LX breaker and the Powerpact LL breaker is the best cross for the LXI breaker.  You also must take into account whether or not the trip unit has ground fault when ordering a replacement. 

For unit mounted breakers (lug/lug), the suggested replacements will not have the same dimensions or shape, and thus the existing equipment may need to be modified or replaced.

LXL36600    > LJL36600U43X
LXL36600G  > LJL36600U44X
LXIL36600   > LLL36600U43X
LXIL36600G > LLL36600U44X

For I-line breakers, the suggested replacements will install in the panel, but will take up only 6" of mounting height where the LX/LXI breakers take up 7.5".  You'll need the HNM1BL blank filler to cover the exposed bus and the appropriate blank extension to cover the gutter space:  HLW1BL for the wide side or HLN1BL for the narrow side.  

LX36600    > LJA36600U43X
LX36600G  > LJA36600U44X
LXI36600   > LLA36600U43X
LXI36600G > LLA36600U44X
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