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How do I setup a Lexium23A drive so that I can jog the motor from the built-in HMI.

It is possible to perform a jog function from LXM32A via the built-in HMI with a minimal amount of wiring.

Minimum wiring requirements are the motor is connected, the encoder is connected and the drive has mains power.

Step 1.  Change the mode of operation from CANopen mode.  Parameter P1-01 must be set to any value other then 6 (canmode)  Suggested value is 0001 for position mode.

Step 2. You must change the I/O assignment for DI6, DI7 and DI8 from the factory default settings. In the factory default settings the drive will require wiring to these inputs.
Set parameters P2-15, P2-16 and P2-17 all to 0000.  This will assign these three inputs to disabled.

Step 3. Power cycle the drive

Step 4. Navigate to parameter P2-30 and set this parameter to 1 . This will enable the drive and the motor will now be energized with holding torque.

Step 5. Navigate to parameter P4-05 (jog speed)  adjust the value of this parameter to your preferred jog speed and press enter.

Step 7. You can now Jog the motor in a clockwise or counter-clockwise direction by pressing the arrow keys on the HMI

If the drive will not operate in Jog mode and any alarms are seen flashing on the display when you attempt Jog mode, then verify that you have completed all the steps listed above.
If all steps have been performed then review the manaul for LXM23 for possible causes of the alarm messages.

Jog mode will function in most cases. however, if the motor is connected to a load which is too heavy for the motor to move reliably then the position deviation alarm may result.
Also, if the motor has a brake, make sure the brake is properly wired so that the brake is being released when the drive switches to an enabled state.

Rev 8-1-18
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