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What does the GV2DM120BD consist of?

What does the assembled combination GV2DM120BD consist of?

Product Line:
Tesys GV2

Combination Starter

These are not offered pre-assembled in the US, as such they will need to be ordered in components.

For the GV2DM120BD you would use: GV2ME20 + GV2AF3 + LC1D18BD
For the GV2DM121BD you would use: GV2ME21 + GV2AF3 + LC1D25BD

This information can be found by going to and entering the reference in the search bar - from there you can pull up the datasheet which lists the device composition and ratings as well as control voltage for selection of a contactor and GV2ME, it also explicitely lists out the combination block used. 
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