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Video: How to install power distribution connectors onto PowerPact B-frame

How do you install the power distribution connectors onto a Powerpact B-frame circuit breaker?
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Molded Case Circuit Breakers 
B-Frame Circuit Breakers 
Remove the green connection system cover (put a screwdriver or similar flat tool into slot in the connecter and push out) and the currently installed lug kit (put a screwdriver or similar flat tool into the gap between the lug kit and breaker on the back, and push the lug kit out). You would need to have the terminal nut kit installed before installing the power distribution connectors. These can be ordered separately, or, if the breaker has a termination letter F, will already be installed on the breaker. If field installing, you would do so by putting the notch on the terminal nut kit into the grooves on the back of the breaker, and pushing until it clicks into place. For installing the power distribution connectors, you would need to discard the shorter screws that come with the terminal nut kit, and use the longer screws that are provided with the power distribution connectors. You would place the connector against the terminal nut kit, and use the screw to tighten the connector to the terminal nut kit. Once you have the wires connected to the power distribution connectors, you would install the interphase barriers by placing the notches in the grooves on the breaker and sliding into place. Once you have the connectors and barriers installed, you would place the provided labels over the side and the front faces of the breaker over the previous lug information. For more information, see the video below or the attached instruction bulletin:

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