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Video: How to install LV426950 aux or alarm switch onto PowerPact B-frame

How do you install an auxiliary or alarm switch (LV426950) on a PowerPact B-frame circuit breaker?
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B-frame Circuit Breakers 
How do you install an auxiliary or alarm switch (LV426950) on a Powerpact B-frame circuit breaker? 
Make sure the breaker is in the tripped position, and then open the cover of the breaker by loosening the two screws in the top of the cover and opening the cover. Slide the switch in to the appropriate slot (SD for alarm switch function which changes state when the breaker trips or OF for auxiliary switch function which changes state any time the breaker contacts change state), top first, then push the bottom down until it clicks into place. Insert the wires into the spring terminals by placing a small screwdriver into the appropriate slot, pressing up on the tab, and then sliding the wire into place. Then route the wires out of the breaker in one of the ways shown in the video or instruction bulletin. Note that the switch will push a green flag into place to show from the cover when one is installed. For any other needed information, see the video below or the attached instruction bulletin.

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