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What if the Elevation Limit of CSW Series Inverter Goes above 6500ft (2000m) ?

The Elevation Limit of CSW Series Inverters is 6500ft (2000m). Some users intend to install the inverter on elevation higher than elevation limit. 

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Elevation above the elevation limit is not stated in the manual

The 6500ft, 2000m limit comes from the UL standard 840, Insulation Coordination Including Clearances and Creepage Distances for Electrical Equipment.  It defines the Clearance, or through air spacing, of electrical conductors in a product design based on various environmental factors, one of those is Altitude.  We designed the product to meet the 2000m requirement because that is the highest specification in the standard.

At altitudes above 2000m it's not clear what will happen.  The unit will operate properly but the ability for the unit to safely withstand overvoltage transients that it may be exposed to when connected to the grid is not defined.

There are other standards that provide for higher elevations, but UL 1741 specifically lists UL 840.
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