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What are the instantaneous override values for Powerpact H, J and L frame breakers.

Product Line:
Powerpact H, J and L with Micrologic trip units

PowerPact H, J, and L-frame circuit breakers with Micrologic trip units have built-in instantaneous override protection. Fault currents below the instantaneous override level will be cleared by the normal Long-time, Short-time, and Instantaneous protection levels that are shown on the trip curves. The built-in instantaneous override protection is calibrated in peak currents to provide protection to the circuit breaker and downstream circuit components. If the current is high enough to activate the instantaneous override, the current will be cleared in 1 cycle or less, shorter with increased current.  
Circuit Breaker Model     Instantaneous Override (kA Peak) +/- 10%
    H-frame 60A                               1290A
    H-frame 100A                              2150A
    H-frame 150A                              3220A
    J-frame 250A                               4330A
    L-frame 250A                               4330A
    L-frame 400A                               6950A
    L-frame 600A                               9200A
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