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Replacing CCM with IO Module (no ERMS)

In an existing installation with a 4w Modbus network and CM4000, a CCM needs to be replaced. ERMS is not required. Since the CCM is obsolete, what replaces it?
Can the CCM be replaced with only an IO Module? Are other parts needed?

Product Line:
Circuit Breakers

Comms: Existing 4w Modbus system, CM4000 gateway
Breaker: Masterpact NW drawout with CCM, older BCM (green top), older P or H trip unit
ERMS: Not required

For the above environment, the CCM is replaced by an IO Module, but there are other parts and changes are required. For quick reference, here are the steps. Use the below parts list, and the "before" and "after" drawings for reference.
  1. Remove the existing BCM (with green top) and CCM.
  2. Install a new BCM ULP (with gray top), IO Module, IFM, CNV.
  3. Connect together the items in step 2 using a ULP Cord and ULP Cable selected from the below list (also see drawing below).
  4. Set the IO Module dial to 1 (ERMS is not available), and install a ULP Line Terminator onto the empty port on the IFM.
  5. Connect CNV to CM4000 with 4w.
NOTE: The trip unit does not need replacing since ERMS is not required.

Parts List

Before and After

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