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Conext Battery Monitor is measuring incorrect voltages.

The Conext Battery Monitor is displaying high voltages despite the multimeter showing correct voltage.  The SCP/Combox without the battery monitor installed will also show correct voltages

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Conext Battery Monitor

Conext Battery Monitor in any installation, on-grid or off-grid.

After verifying that the pre-scaler connections are on the correct leads, verify that the shunt is installed properly.  The shunt should be on the negative leg of the battery bank.  The shunt is also direction and will annotate which lug should be connect to the battery-side and which side should connect to the inverter-side.

Having the shunt installed improperly will cause irregularity in measurement.  In the case of having it on positive instead of negative, it will increase the voltage of the battery bank.  This could affect the operation of the hybrid inverter charger as well despite the actual battery voltage being normal.  If the shunt is also more than a few inches from the battery bank, its accuracy measuring current will decrease.
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