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Video: How to install PowerPact B-frame LV426920 interphase barriers

How do you install the interphase barriers for the B-frame breaker?
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Molded Case Circuit Breakers
PowerPact B-Frame Circuit Breakers
Remove the green connection cover by placing a screwdriver or other flat tool into the slot on the cover and pushing out. Push the barrier in from halfway down the breaker, and then slide back until the back of the barrier is flush with the back of the breaker. In one orientation, there might be some excess material sticking out from the face of the breaker. If this affects the installation of your breaker, there is a scribe line along the barrier that can be cut to remove the excess material. Once the barrier is installed, you will reinstall the green connection system cover. For more information, see the attached instruction bulletin or see the video below:

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