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Video: How to install compression lug kits onto a PowerPact B-frame breaker

How do you install the compression lugs on a B-frame breaker?
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Molded Case Circuit Breakers
Powerpact B-frame Circuit Breakers
Remove the green connection system cover (put a screwdriver or similar flat tool into slot in the connecter and push out) and the currently installed lug kit (put a screwdriver or similar flat tool into the gap between the lug kit and breaker on the back, and push the lug kit out). Then install the terminal nut kit onto the breaker (if not already installed). Slide the heat shrink sleeve over the conductor, then slide the conductor into the compression lug and crimp the lug. Then you would slide the heat shrink sleeve into place over the conductor and the lug, and then heat it to shrink it (alternatively, you can use the interphase barriers or long terminal shield instead of the heat shrink). Once you have your desired insulator installed, you would place the compression lug against the terminal nut kit and use the screw provided with the terminal nut kit to screw it into place. Finally, you would reinstall the green connection system cover. For further information, see the attached installation bulletin or see the video below:

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