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How do I change my charging voltages?

The battery manufacturer recommends bulk, absorb, and/or float voltages that are different from the defaults in the hybrid inverter/chargers

Product Line:
Conext XW+, Conext SW, MPPT60, MPPT80, SCP, Combox

Any hybrid inverter/charger installation.  Usually during initial commissioning, or when new batteries are installed.

There is a custom battery settings menu available that allows the user to customize the follow settings

-Equalization Support
-Equalization Voltage
-Bulk Voltage
-Absorption Voltage
-Float Voltage
-Temperature Compensation

In the System Control Panel, the battery type has to be set to "Custom" to enable this menu.  In the Combox, the menu is readily available through the settings for each device.  However, the battery type has to be set to "Custom" for these settings to take effect.  In the MPPT60's built in menu, the Display Mode has to be set to Advanced.  The battery type can then be accessed through the Battery Menu.

Sometimes it is not clear on how to customize the battery voltages, especially in the SCP.  The SCP does not immediately show how to customize voltages without changing the battery type to "Custom"
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