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XW Inverter Starts Charging Whenever The Grid Comes Back

My hybrid inverter/charger starts charging when the grid comes back even though my batteries are full.

Product Line:
Conext XW+, Conext SW, Xantrex XW

Conext XW or CSW with some kind of AC source.

In both the XW+ and CSW, this feature can be avoided by disabling the Charger feature in the Setup menu.  Additionally, the CSW has a setting called "Auto-Charge Enable".  When this setting is enabled, it overrides the “Charger” function to begin charging automatically when qualified AC is present. This happens even when the charger function is previously disabled. 

Both the XW+ and the CSW lines of inverters have an auto-charge feature built-in.  This forces the inverter/charger to charge the batteries whenever is qualifies a new AC source.  They do this to ensure that the batteries are full.  The feature applies to both utility and to a generator.  The inverters take advantage of this feature when used with the Automatic Generator Start.
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