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How to Export/Archive SCADAPack RemoteConnect Projects

Exporting a SCADAPack RemoteConnect project saves the .prj file, the .stu file, and the .sta file to a single, compressed archive file with a .rcz extension.

Use the exported SCADAPack RemoteConnect project as:
  • A convenient way to relocate SCADAPack RemoteConnect projects.
  • A backup of project files.
  • A way to send SCADAPack RemoteConnect projects to colleagues and/or Technical Support

You can open a .rcz archive file the same way as a .prj project file. For details, see the RemoteConnect technical help manuals.

To Export RemoteConnect project files to a single file

1.    Ensure you are using RemoteConnect or greater
2.    In the SCADAPack RemoteConnect toolbar, select SAVE PROJECTS -> EXPORT PROJECT

3.    In the “Save As Project” dialog, select a name and location for the exported file, then click SAVE.

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