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ComBox Slow Response when Accessing the Web Server Interface across the Network

An issue has been identified where under different Windows operating systems and Anti-Virus (AV) software combinations, the Web Server Interface on the ComBox is very slow to respond across the Ethernet network. Combinations identified include:
  1. Windows 10 Creator Upgrade with Avast AV software.
  2. Windows 7 with AVG AV software.
  3. Windows 10 with AVG Free AV software
  • The IP subnet in which the ComBox was located was configured into the AV’s exception list but it made no difference, speed was still slow.
  • Other operating system and AV’s software combinations could also be causing issues.
Slowness was evident on all browsers tested (Chrome, Firefox, MS IE and MS Edge). As soon as the AV software is disabled or uninstalled, the ComBox web interface will then run at the right speed.
There are several options that can be implemented to solve the issue:
  1. Uninstall the AV software and reinstalled after reboot with latest version downloaded from the internet.
  2. Use another more compatible AV software. Bitdefender Antivirus, MS Defender and ESET NOD 32 were used to solve the issue on several computers.
  3. Contact the AV software manufacturer to determine whether there is a fix or when a fix will be available.
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