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Can IFE be used as a Modbus gateway for none trip units?

Customers are trying to connect PowerLogic and ION meters to an IFE with the expectation that it can act as a Modbus Gateway.

PowerLogic and ION Meters


Yes, with the LV434002.

More Information:
The basic IFE, LV434001 (previously LV434010), is only a Modbus TCP gateway for the single circuit breaker connected to its ULP port.  The IFE Switchboard Server, LV434002 (previously LV434011), has the same function, but is also able to be a Modbus RTU gateway for additional devices connected through its stacking connector, such as IFMs. So in order to get the Modbus serial line (RS485) accessible, an IFM is required to be stacked to the IFE-SS through the DIN rail connection which then makes 2-wire Modbus available from the IFM’s top connector.  So if there are multiple circuit breakers, an IFE-SS and enough IFMs can be stacked on the DIN rail to accommodate them, and then Modbus can be daisy chained from the last IFM to a meter or any other Modbus device.
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