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How to Enable Protocol Settings in RemoteConnect (Modbus RTU Master, Modbus TCP Server/Client, DNP3 Peer to Peer, etc…)

When a new project is created in RemoteConnect, users are prompted to choose the project settings for the SCADAPack configuration. By default, only MODBUS RTU Slave is selected.

Once a configuration has been created, users may wish to configure the SCADAPack for other protocol options. Without the proper project settings enabled, the configuration fields in RemoteConnect will not be visible. For example, There are no configuration options for the Modbus Scanner if the Modbus TCP Client or Modbus RTU Master features are not enabled in the Project Settings.

To configure the project settings for a RemoteConnect project, ensure the SCADAPack x70 object is highlighted in the Network view and click on the menu button. Select Additional Options -> Project Settings. You can then enable the project configuration options you desire and click OK.

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