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How to install/replace Micrologic trip unit battery?

Product Line:
Circuit Breakers Micrologic Trip Units

Applies to Micrologic Trip Units 3.0A, 5.0A, 5.0P, 5.0H, 6.0A, 6.0P, 6.0H

Trip Indicators not working.

Battery holder with battery is located under the side flap in the cardboard box the trip unit is
shipped in. (Visuals attached).

1. Install battery holder with battery
(A, Fig. 3) in trip unit, observing
the correct polarity as indicated
on the battery compartment.

2. Press test/reset button (B). All
four indicator lights (C) should
light. If they do not light, check
polarity of battery and retest. If
indicator lights still do not light up
when test/reset button is
pressed, stop installation and
contact the local sales office for
factory authorized service

This is a 3.6V/1200mAh 1/2 "AA" Lithium battery.
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