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Video: How to install the B-frame auxiliary or alarm switch

How to install the B-frame auxiliary or alarm switch
Product Line:
Powerpact B-Frame Circuit Breakers
Molded Case Circuit Breakers
Needing help on installing the aux and alarm switch on a B-Frame breakers
Use the following installation procedure for LV426950, LV426951, and LV426952.

You would open the cover, and then install the switch in either the right side slot (SD; for alarm switch; see below for further explanation) or the left side slot (OF; for auxiliary switch; see below for further explanation). The wiring could then be routed through the top right, top left, bottom left, or bottom right corners of the breaker, through designated openings for wiring. See the video or attached instruction bulletin for further information. When installed, a green flag is pushed into place and serves as an indicator when the breaker cover is closed that the switch is installed.

SD Explanation: The SD slot on the right side of the breaker is for the alarm switch application. The alarm switch, or trip switch, only changes state in the case of a trip, not if someone were to turn the breaker off.

OF Explanation: The OF slot on the left side of the breaker is for the auxiliary switch application. The auxiliary switch changes state when the breaker contacts are opened, whether through a trip or the breaker being turned off.

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