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What mounting recommendations do we have for the EX transformer line for use in Seismic applications?

Are there any mounting restrictions for the EX type transformers for use in Seismic applications?

Product Line:
Low voltage transformers

EX transformers

Seismic applications

The equipment manufacturer determines that the equipment will be functional following a seismic event via shake-table testing programs. The
seismic qualification testing results validate that Schneider Electric equipment will perform the intended function after the earthquake. However,
the foundation and the anchorage system must also meet the applicable building codes and standards for the entire installation to maintain post
earthquake functionality. Equipment inadequately mounted or mounted to weak or flexible foundations will not meet the requirements.

The equipment specifier/installer determines that the equipment is rigidlysupported and will not leave its foundation during a seismic event. During an
earthquake, the equipment must be able to transfer the loads that are created through the mounting pad and anchorage to the load-bearing path
of the building structural system. If the equipment is not attached to the building structure in accordance with the minimum standards recommended
herein, the complete equipment installation might become too flexible and may overturn or shear the attachment devices and slide off its foundation.
The structural civil engineer or design engineer of record is responsible for detailing the equipment connection and anchorage requirements (including
the lateral restraint system if appropriate) for the given installation. The installer and manufacturers of the anchorage and lateral restraint system
are responsible for ensuring that the mounting requirements are met. Schneider Electric/Square D is not responsible for the specification and
performance of these anchorage systems.
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