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How to Manage Custom Function Blocks (Derived FB Types) in RemoteConnect & SCADAPack x70 Logic Editor

Many users create custom function blocks in logic applications to reuse and simplify the code that will execute on a SCADAPack x70 rPAC. Derived FB Data Types created in the SCADAPack x70 Logic Editor can be managed in a custom library or else as standalone Derived FB Types.

Custom Library

After creating a custom function block in the x70 Logic Editor, a user may right-click on the Derived FB Type and select “Put in Library”.

 The Derived FBT will still be seen in the Project Browser structural view under the Derived FB Types list, yet the FB is now available for other projects (new) that a user may create in the x70 Logic Editor. When the user creates a new project, and uses the custom function block in the user defined library, the custom function block will be added to the Derived FB Types list of the project.

Users should be aware, that if RemoteConnect is updated, the custom library may be deleted. It is best to back up Derived FB Types. To back up a Derived FBT , right-click on the Derived FBT and select “Export”. Ensure the default options are kept (with DDT & with DFB). This ensures all unprotected information with the DFB and the Derived Data Type are exported. The function block is now saved as a .XDB file. Users may "import" saved Derived FBT's by right-clicking on the Derived FB Types in the Project Browser and select "Import". They should select the .XDB file to be imported.

Standalone Derived Function Block Types

There is no need to add a Derived FBT to the x70 Logic Edit Library. If users do not intend to use the function block again, it can stay saved in the project file, and when the project is written to the rPAC it will stay on the SCADAPack. If a user connects to the SCADAPack and reads the x70 Logic program out, the custom function block will appear in their x70 Logic Editor.

Instead of adding custom function blocks to the x70 Logic Editor Library, users can simply export and import their Derived FBT’s if they chose to manage them outside of the x70 Logic Editor Environment.


Users can manage Derived FBT’s in their SCADAPack program, in the x70 Logic Editor Library or by exporting and importing them into new projects. The Dervied FBT's that are in the SCADAPack x70 user defined library can be used in multiple projects.

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