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Do we have restrictions or recommendations for installing our motor control centers (MCC's) in seismic areas regarding flexible connections and lateral bracing requirements ?

Does flexible connection satisfy the lateral bracing requirement for our  Motor Control Centers (MCC)?

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Motor Control Centers

MCC in the United States 

Equipment seismic qualifications

Please refer to page 24 and 25 of the MCC Installation, 80459-641-01E below or use the web-link:
"The structural civil engineer or design engineer of record is responsible for detailing the equipment connection and anchorage requirements (including the lateral restraint system if appropriate) for the given installation. The installer and manufacturers of the anchorage and lateral restraint system are responsible for assuring that the mounting requirements are met. Schneider Electric is not responsible for the specification and performance of these systems.

​Each section must be anchored per detail supplied by engineer of record to the load-bearing path of the building structural system."

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