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How to troubleshoot 0020 fault on GT500 inverter?

Inverter faulted on 0020 Capacitor Fuse Open and unable to clear with F1 button.
Product Line:
GT500 MV, GT500MVX and GT500-480
One or all of  the fuses F1, F2 & F3, 50A are probably blown or filter cap is bad

First, perform LOTO then confirm 0 Vdc at the DC contactor located on the right door of the inverter.
Inspect fuses F1, F2 & F3.  If any of them are blown visually inspect capacitors and wiring for any abnormality and replace fuse, return inverter to operation. If blown again then it means the cap might be bad. If no fuse is on hand or the fault persist please call 866-519-1470 option 3 & 3 to open a new case and request service.
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