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Combox Not Updating on Insight Portal

User reports that Insight Portal is not updating information from his Combox.
Checked with ISP settings and confirmed that port 80 (outgoing) is open and ran the Web Portal Test which came back successful.  The ComBox has been rebooted several times.

Under Conext Combox settings go to Time and Zone and mis-set the time. Then go to Network Time (SNTP) and make sure On is chosen for SNTP state. Next to Perform SNTP Synchronization click on Sync and the little cycle button just to the left of the Set Time button.
And after a few seconds the time should change to the correct time. 

But insight still not updating. 

Product Line:
Insight Portal, Conext Combox

Insight Portal, Conext Combox

May be corrupted cards preventing data from being accepted from insight.  


Read the microSD card on PC and notice the number of .aes files.

The Combox writes insight data packets to the SD card, then sends the packet to insight, then deletes packet from card. The number of packets are indicated by the number of (.aes) files on the microSD card. The more .aes files indicate the combox is unable to send packets to insight (and get acknowledgment).

There are three main possibilities:

1) combox is simply defective. 

2) SD card is corrupted so when insight tries to send the packet it is rejected 

3) His ISP is somehow preventing a reliable connection

To eliminate 2), REMOVE the SD card (leave it out), reboot combox, and let it run for a day. If it works, then problem is the microSD card.

If it doesn't work, update firmware to latest, leave SD card out, try again on insight. 

If still no good, replace combox.

If that doesn't work, user needs a new ISP.
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