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Is my Xantrex XW Hybrid Inverter/Charger susceptible to EMP?

Customer is contacting us and wants to confirm if the unit has any EMP protection.

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Conext XW+ 865-6848 865-5548
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No protection for EMP in the XW+.

The Conext XW+ was not specifically designed with EMP in mind. The unit itself is a fairly good Faraday cage, but in order to perform its function, it must have wires connected to the battery, generator, grid, loads, and communications devices. These are all antennas and will generate current when a magnetic pulse crosses them.
The surge protection on these lines was not selected with EMP in mind, but designed to be used in conjunction with a Type 2 SPD in the main distribution panel and an appropriate lightning protection system for the location.
But ultimately no, there is no protection for EMP in the XW+.
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