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XW: What kind of switch should I use for RPO?

Which switch is supposed to be used with the RPO function on my Conext XW+?

Product Line:
Conext XW+

Conext XW+ installation with the Remote Power Off (RPO) feature set to Enabled

The switch should be a normally open (N.O) ON/OFF switch.  While the switch is in the closed or on position, the XW+ will be in its RPO mode and cease to invert.  A momentary push-button switch is not a good solution for this feature.  That will only enable RPO as long as the button is engaged.  After the button is released, the inverter will resume operating.  Thus, not useful in case of emergency.

The installation guide mentions only using a normally open ON/OFF switch.  It does not mention the use of a momentary.  The RPO function is only engaged while the circuit is completed.
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