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How do I start ClearSCADA Server with Logic disabled


The example below is intended to demonstrate one or more features or methods and is presented as a configuration example only. Schneider Electric assumes no liability for the use or application of this example or any portion thereof.

Sometimes it is necessary to start ClearSCADA with the Logic driver disabled. It could be for troubleshooting purposes or because a logic program is causing serious performance issues.
If ClearSCADA is currently running, the Logic driver can be set into "Manual" mode by running the "Server Status" tool, navigating to "General" > "Modules", right clicking on the Logic driver and selecting "Manual". This will prevent the Logic driver to run next time the ClearSCADA server starts. In order to stop the driver right away, you can follow the same procedure, selecting "Stop" on the menu.

If the server is not running and you wish to disable the driver prior to starting ClearSCADA, then you can disable the logic driver through the Windows Registry (Note: changing Registry settings should be done only by capable personnel, Schneider Electric assumes no liability for problems that may occur by modifying Registry settings):

  • From the Windows Start menu choose "Run". Enter 'regedit' and choose Ok.
  • Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Schneider Electric\ClearSCADA\DriverLogic.
  • Set the "DebugMode" value to "True".

Start ClearSCADA and the Logic driver will not be automatically started. This setting can be reversed by repeating the steps above and setting the value for "DebugMode" to "False", or by change the startup mode to "Automatic" via "Server Status" tool, "General" > "Modules". Note that setting the startup mode to Automatic while ClearSCADA is running will not also start the driver, if you wish to start the driver after setting the startup to "Automatic", re-open the menu and choose the "Start" option.

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