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Video: Different relay offers from Schneider Electric and where to find support

What kinds of relays does Schneider Electric offer? How can I find support for these products in North America?

Product line:
Schneider Electric Industrial Relays

North American Products

Understanding of different types of relay offers & support contacts


1: Brand: Square D, Telemecanique
Supporting Team: GIC general industrial control---•888-778-2733 option 1 option 2 option 3  Email:
Supporting products:
 •9065 melting alloy and solid state overload (MotorLogic) relay
•TeSys LRD bimetal and LR9 solid state overload relay
•TeSys T,D, K, SK control relay
•Zelio RSL, RSB, RXG, RXM, RPM, RUM, RPF plug in relay
•Zelio RE17, RE48, REXL timing relays
•Zelio current, phase measurement and voltage measurement relay
•Zelio level control relay
•Zelio smart relay SR2,SR3
•Square D JCK timing relay
•Square D 8501 type C, R, K, X relay

2: Brand: Magnecraft--The relay that has Magnecraft marking
Supporting team: Magnecraft    •847-441-2526   Email:
Supporting products: 
•Plug in relay
•Power relay
•Solid state relay
•Timing relay
•Latching relay
•TDR** relay
•Sequencing relay
•Printed circuit board relays

3: Brand  Hyde Park
Supporting team: Hyde Park   •800-435-2121     Email:
Supporting product: 

•XUSL safety relay
•XCS safety relay with muting

4 Brand: Areva D
Supporting Team: Areva •888-778-2733 option 1 option 5  Email:
Supporting product: 
•MiCOM protection relays

5 Brand: Power Logic
Supporting Team: Power Management  •615-287-3400   Email:
Supporting product: 
•SEPAM 20/40/80 series protection relay
•VAMP arc protection relay

6 Brand: Eurotherm
Supporting team: Eurotherm / Invensys •703-724-7316     Email:
Supporting product: 
Temperature control relays
RTC48, REG24, REG48, REG96 series

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