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Video: How do we display the username of the operator who ACK'd an Alarm in Vijeo Designer?

In order to display the username of an operator who ACK'd an Alarm in Vijeo Designer, there are a few things that need to be set up in the application.

1) First, Target Security needs to be enabled and you should have at least one Security Group and one User defined.
2) You will need to have Alarm variables defined in your AlarmGroup and should have an Alarm Summary object on one of your panels.
3) In the Alarm Summary, you should add the column "Username" in order to have a place to show the information.
4) Under the "Alarms & Events" node, you will need to enable the "Track User in Alarms" property. Set it to "Yes"

With this configuration, whenever an alarm is ACK'd, the username column will be populated with the operator's username.

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