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What can I do to prevent Matrix temperature faults in areas that are susceptible to debris and plastic bags that get stuck to the inverter through the vent in the back?

PLEASE NOTE:Any work performed in this unit should only be done by a qualified technician with proper equipment


There may be locations where there are large amounts of debris and other components that can get stuck to the GT250 unit.

Product Line:
GT250-480, GT250-208

Installations that use a GT250 unit in areas where there is a high prevalence of debris and other paraphernalia. (plastic bag, paper bags)

The GT250 unit has an air intake duct located in the back where the matrix and heat sink fans are located.  This area can be susceptible to debris and other parts getting to stuck.

There is an air intake screen that can be purchased that will prevent debris and other larger components such as plastic bags from pushed in to the inverter.  If you need to order one, you can call Solar Tech support at (866)519-1470 (option 3 & 3) or you can email us at re.techsupport@schneider-electric.  Please have the model, serial number and site location of the unit.

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