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What are the major differences between the Conext Core XCNA 733kVA and other Conext Core models(540kVA, 630kVA,680kVA)?

Electrical specifications for the new 733kVA models in comparison with the other Conext Core XC/XCNA models.

Product Line:
Conext Core XCNA inverters(XC540,XC630, XC680, XC733)

Applications that use a Conext Core XCNA733kVA model

Product Description of the Conext Core 733kVA model

The major differences of the 733kVA model are the following

The major differences of the 733kVA model are the following:
  • The 733kVA uses a higher input voltage of 407 V AC (RMS). 
  • The 733kVA has different firmware
  • The 733kVA has a different set of rating labels
NOTE: The input voltage is too high to support internal auxiliary power.  A SEPARATE EXTERNAL AUXILIARY SUPPLY IS NECESSARY!!!! 

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